The Bloom explores the world of transformational festivals—the first millennial counterculture of our digital era. These pop-up villages – sometimes cities – of thousands give a glimpse of what reality would look like if it was run by artists. Together, they escape the default world for days or weeks at a time to build and create their own inspired wonderlands, exploring themes that are surprisingly relevant to our greater conversation.

"It changed my outlook on life and people. It gave me hope for humanity."

- Sabra Noland, Louisiana

"What you are capturing on film is exactly what is in my heart - and in the hearts of many other people across the globe."

- Rufio, UK

"There have been many documentaries on festivals over the past few years. This series is the one we have all been waiting for."

- David Starfire

"Never fails to bring tears to my eyes!"

- Jamie Taylor

"Breathtaking!! Most beautiful documentary I have ever seen."

- Paul Winter

"This masterpiece series is truly the greatest new media I have encountered"

- Elijah Parker

Watch The Original Web Series

The origins of The Bloom. Through three episodes, we explore how themes of Inspiration, Connection, Healing, Co-Creation, Participation, Modeling, Mythos, Ritual and The Sacred exist at transformational festivals.

Original Music from the Webseries

The Bloom Soundtracks

Featuring original music for The Bloom by The Polish Ambassador, Kalya Scintilla, JPOD, Dub FX, David Starfire and more

Featuring music by ill.Gates, G Jones, Nahko & Medicine For The People, ill-esha, Thriftworks and more

Featuring music by Lulacruza, SaQi, Whitebear, ALIA, Templestep Project & Kyrstyn Pixton, Birds of Paradise and more

Featuring Ayla Nereo, Tor, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Mashimon, Dub Kirtan Allstars and more

Photo/Art Credits

Top: “Starport” by Carey Thompson at Lightning in a Bottle – Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom